About us

AH Marketing Group is a result-oriented full-service group of independent consultants based in the U.S. and Canada that comes together on a case-by-case basis to collaborate on projects. The team consists of exceptional strategists, business writers, web designers and marketing innovators that bring life to brands. The team uses the latest Web tools to create, manage and measure clients’ success while employing good, old-fashioned people skills. AH Marketing Group defines and transforms how businesses communicate their marketing and sales message to targeted audiences, whether funneled through website content, an email marketing campaign, advertorials or promotional literature and advertising programs. AH Marketing Group’s approach maximizes and propels a product or service towards sales growth and brand recognition. By identifying their strengths and helping them build market presence, industry leaders have repeatedly succeeded by partnering with AH Marketing Group. Our clients have been featured in all major news outlets, helping them gain credibility, grow their revenues and surpass their crowdfunding goals. Email the AH Marketing Group today. Let’s innovate and make you unforgettable.
20 years, we've been building powerhouse brands by doing just that.

JIM TILLEY Marketing and Business Adviser

Jim Tilley is a marketing and communications professional with more than 28 years experience in the industry, advertising, sales and marketing. He provides strategic counsel, through a consultative and personalized approach, and develops marketing and communications programs. His commitment is to the long-term viability of our clients brands.He designs, plans and executes cost-effective solutions that work. He boasts a track record in helping organizations and businesses from a variety of segments and industries including professional services, real estate, marine & aviation services, recreational and leisure services, safety products, and not-for-profit. In the summertime, Jim is known to take lucky friends and clients on his boat for a spin on the water.


Lee Masterson is a professional writer with a decade of experience in marketing, journalism, and copywriting.