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Anne Howard

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Shareblock is the first Blockchain Infrastructure for Sharing Economy Applications. The AH Marketing Group is developing and implementing an upcoming ICO marketing campaign based on a well-researched market research and detailed roadmap. The ICO is scheduled to run June 2018.

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Rush PR News wire service

RushPRNews was initially launched in 2005 and it needed a new look and better technology. We converted and redesigned an old PPH PR Wire service website into a modern, responsive WooCommerce WordPress site, as a result of the upgrade increased its … Continue reading

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Zikto Walk

ZIKTO Walk – Wearable Tech

Zikto Walk has stride into the wearable tech industry, one step at a time. How did we proceed? First with a well-planned R&D phase, then beta, finally breaking into the U.S. market with a successful Kickstarter campaign which was followed … Continue reading

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